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Minneapolis Hit with Snow in June

by Jennifer Kirby on June 20, 2007
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What’s that you say? You don’t see any snow? Well I sure do.

I look through the homes in the local multiple listing service every day and am amazed at the amount of homes who have recently received snow.

Sellers, it’s pretty simple. If your home photo still shows snow on the ground in summer, then you are not putting your best foot forward with potential buyers. The first photo shown online in a listing is like looking into the soul of your home. It needs to be the best you’ve got.

So if your home is currently listed, and it was put on the market last winter, check your home photos and make sure there is no snow on the ground. If there is, call your agent immediately and make them come take an updated photo, today.

I am a buyer right now so I have the unique perspective of knowing what I am talking about. If I see a home with snow, I don’t even look at it any further. I just hit the next button because with the supersaturation of homes on the market, I know their are plenty more choices available. How many buyers have passed up your home for the same reason? You will never know. Take care of the problem before you waste any more time!

PS. If you still have Christmas lights up on the exterior of your home, please TAKE THEM DOWN! It also shows poorly on your home when you are trying to sell.

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