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The One Good Thing…

by Jennifer Kirby on November 11, 2007
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…about being a real estate agent, or working for yourself, is that the only person you have to account to is yourself. So when I have been out sick the last four days, I don’t have to worry about calling a boss and pleading for time off, or waste sick days either. Having been in the corporate world before I can remember how guilty I would feel if I got sick, and how stressed out I would get by taking the time off. Now, no more. I can rest stress-free and get well. Being a real estate agent isn’t easy, but there are obvious perks that come with the job. Now that I am well again, I will be punching out some posts this week to further entertain you, I just apologize for not blogging for a few days. Maybe I should have asked Teresa Boardman to blog for me in my absence?

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