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Unique Homes Require Unique Marketing

by Jennifer Kirby on February 8, 2008
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Times have changed. No longer can you just stick a sign in the yard and get a home to sell. Agents and home owners have to come up with innovative ideas that will spark interest in a buyer’s mind. For some homes, this is a relatively easy task, but there are those rough gems out in the world that need all the help they can get. So if you have a tank, you might enjoy the following property.

My father-in-law has a brother that lives in Montana. If you have ever been to Montana, you would know that it is a very vast space of land, where remote locations could be only ten miles out of the nearest town. It is also a state that doesn’t have a large caravan of relocating buyers coming across the border. Anyway, I was sent the web addressfor my relative’s remote property that he has for sale.

The first photo is of the drive way in winter. He states,

” This is truck country – 4 wheel drive only certain times of the year. If you don’t plow the last mile you will probably be snowed in for a few months every year. The road is 3 1/2 miles long – the first 2 1/2 miles is a mostly unmaintained forest road – the last mile is a private road. The road is gravel, dirt, rock, and at certain times of year mud. If you like mudding – this road can be an absolute hoot. There are certain times of year that 1000 feet of this road can be little more than a mud bog. Well, maybe I’m overstating a bit, but there have been times and I hope you get the picture. If you do not have to go anywhere this road can be the perfect isolating mechanism for your own private retreat. Got a Hummer or tank, not worried about the road, take your best shot”.

Now does that paint a picture of what you are getting into if you like this property?

I love the fact that the entire description of this property is telling people what to fully expect and paints the reality of living on this land. He lets you know up front that this home is not for the city slicker hoping to move out to the wilderness, with no remote living experience, to rough it in retirement. He even write “This spot is not for wimps, those that are fainthearted, or those that are weak”.

Did I mention that you have to produce your own electricity, as this property is not on a grid?

After portraying who this property is not for, he goes directly into who the property would be perfect for, a writer, someone seeking solitude, etc. He also highlights the wildlife, and the amazing mountain views. He mentions that the land could be great for a summer cabin, or a hunting retreat. But I love the ending:

“I dare you to live there year round; however, be aware you could be risking your life or your sanity.”

Do you think he will sell this home, using such an unconventional way of attracting a buyer? What do you think of his approach?

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