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Just Let the Kids BE Kids

by Jennifer Kirby on May 16, 2008
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Sitting down this evening to watch the evening local news, something I rarely have time to do, I heard a story that blows my mind. Apparently there is a school in Minneapolis that has implemented a policy for their elementary school of “No Touching” on the playground. The new rule pertains to the games of touch football and tag.

The school principal says she is doing this to alleviate injuries, but also to make sure aggression between children does not happen. Now, I understand her thought process, but for goodness sakes, when are we as a society going to stop treating our children with white gloves?

I have heard of schools that do not allow kids to play kickball, one of my favorite games as a child, or dodge ball, because someone might get hit by the ball. These sports not only foster quick thinking, agility, and exercise, but they also teach our children proper sportsmanship and how to treat others. In today’s society, however, we would rather our children be injury free, instead of building confidence and growing into life.

There are even schools who do not allow hugging or hand holding. See how ridiculous this is getting? In our litigious society, schools fear lawsuits from parents for physical and emotional injuries to their children. No longer is anything an accident…someone has to be to blame.

Elementary school is the beginning of life amongst others. Children have to learn manners, sharing, dealing with loss, peer pressure, physical changes, bullying, etc. If we shelter them too much, as is currently happening at our public schools, the only thing we will accomplish is raising children who cannot think for themselves, nor take care of themselves.

WE as parents are the only ones who can change this scary trend. It’s time to say enough is enough of these silly rules, and just let the kids BE kids!

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