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More Real Estate Education

by Jennifer Kirby on May 21, 2008
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The next two days I will be in at CRS class furthering my education on real estate topics. The class is called “Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Investing”. Today was pretty much a numbers crunching game, because let’s face it, investing in real estate is all about the numbers. Emotions should be checked at the door.

Having some personal investment properties all ready under my belt, I know some things about the topic. But I could never say that I know it all. That’s why I take classes like this, to further my knowledge. My personal belief is that real estate agents cannot be any good at the job unless they take the time to go beyond just putting in their required continuing education units.

When you think about hiring a real estate agent to represent you, you should really check into their educational background. See if they have any real estate designations beyond the GRI, as this is a pretty simple designation to get. You might even ask them what was the last class they took and when. The subject matter could give you a good idea of how in depth the agent goes to further their real estate education. And of course, you have to like them too!

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