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Who has the Most Foreclosures in the Twin Cities?

by Jennifer Kirby on January 30, 2009
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The fourth quarter market data is out for the Twin Cities, featuring market saturation of Lender Mediated sales and inventory. The silver lining from all this data is that for the first time since 2003, quarter to quarter results has declined. In fact, the closing quarter of 2008 saw a decrease of 4.3% in lender mediated listings. Yeah, I know, not a staggering number, but I’ll take it.

Want to know who has the most foreclosures? The numbers below are the percentage of homes in the specific area currently either in foreclosure or short sales. Take a look at the report to see where your area falls in the foreclosure mess.

Top Five Areas with the Most Foreclosures:

  1. Brooklyn Center – 65.9%
  2. North Minneapolis – 64.9%
  3. St. Paul – Central – 59.1%
  4. St. Paul – Phalen – 58.8%
  5. Big Lake Township – 56.8%

Bottom Five Areas with the Least Foreclosures:

  1. Edina 5.2%
  2. Minneapolis – Central – 7.9%
  3. St. Paul – Downtown – 10.8%
  4. Minneapolis – Calhoun/Isles – 11.6%
  5. Victoria – 12.5%

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