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Sorry for Being Absent, Please Don’t Hate Me

by Jennifer Kirby on April 9, 2007
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To say the last weekend was busy is an understatement. Not only are we looking for a home somewhere around the Twin Cities, but Friday was my son’s second birthday. We traveled to my in-laws, who live in Wisconsin, to celebrate his big day and also Easter.
With all the activities planned by Grandma, I was just too tired to sit down and write some good blogs. Please forgive me. I will work on it this week.

I should have some good content as I am taking a class to get my Wisconsin real estate license this week. It will be interesting to see how much similar and different the laws are for WI and MN.

Seeing as I am also licensed in Florida, I wonder how many other real estate agents have three or more states they can sell real estate in. If you know of someone who has more than three, please let me know!

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